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Focused on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and

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Sam Web Design
What We Are About

Sam Web Design specializes in identifying and completing the needs of web based development. We understand the demand for mobile application development and cross platform functionality.

Project One

Brief Description

Project One consisted of utilizing basic html skills acquired during the first week. Identifying and writing code was the goal of the assigned project. The highlight of the project was rendering lines of text, such as "Hello World", utilizing XAMPP Control Panel and google chrome.

Project Two
Brief Description

For project two, we added in CSS to help style our web pages. Adding color, style of text and design to our html code. Utilizing CSS helped create a unique web page for the needs of the client.


Ryan Sam
Jr. Web Developer

  • HTML

    Hypertext Markup Language, helps achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages.

  • CSS

    CSS allows individuals to add style to html code. The ability to to design a web page with style is important to catch the consumers attention.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is a program that allows you to control web pages with a variety of functions. Javascript is important to learn, understand, and utilize today.

  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap works with HTML, CSS, and JS framework. It helps to develop unique, responsive, and mobile projects for websites.

  • GitHub

    GitHub allows us individuals to access and pass information between team members. GitHub also helps create a repository, start a branch, write comments, and open a pull request to help increase production.

  • Slack

    Slack helps organize and maintain constant communication between teammates. Slack utilizes messaging, archiving and search for teams who depend on communication to be productive.

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